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All portraits are done in oil. I work from photographs. You can provide me with a picture of your own or I can take a photo myself. If you provide me with a picture, the more detail the better, especially in the face. Close-up shots usually work the best. If you decide you want a new picture, I usually take a couple shots with a digital camera and then we can decide on the shot which is the best.


Any shipping costs are added onto the original price.


A portrait usually takes anywhere from two weeks to a month to paint. The amount of time it takes to finish your portrait depends on how many commissions I have scheduled at the time. If you need a portrait by a specific date I'll do my best to make it work.



Size & Price

Pricing is based on size.  A portrait costs roughly $2.00 per square inch.


12" x 16" - $400.00

14" x 18" - $500.00

16" x 20" - $600.00

18" x 22" - $700.00

20" x 24" - $800.00



Each additional pet within the same canvas is an additional 100% of the original price.



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